About Us

John HarleyJohn Harley is a dramatherapist, art teacher and Unitarian minister. He has been facilitating creative workshops for nearly twenty years and is the Chair of the Art and Spirituality Network, an organisation that offers opportunities for mindful creativity in safe, supportive group settings.

He is fascinated by the interplay and dialogue between what some of us call spirituality – or exploration of the beyondness and mystery in this life – and our expressive, artistic, intuitive selves. He believes that when we give ourselves permission to play, take creative risks and get in touch with our bodies we can access a natural emotional intelligence and a sense of wellbeing and groundedness.

John works with a number of collaborators in co-leading events. This team comprises of a range of experienced facilitators from different traditions – from arts, spiritual and therapeutic backgrounds.

Sue Nyirenda runs her own artistic photography and design business just outside Canterbury – Lovelli Photos. Previously she was a trainer and then a teacher, latterly involved with Steiner Education, which is what brought her to Canterbury. Currently, she’s very involved with Transition Canterbury and is in the process of setting up a Timebank in her local villages. Her heart is focused on inner growth and building community and using her intuition when she can access it.

Angela Schütz is a transpersonal counsellor, artist and Quaker. She has run workshops for the ASN mostly in London but she works primarily in Sussex where she is also a guest teacher at Tobias School of Art & Therapy. Her art classes, workshops and retreats reflect her particular interested in creativity as a door to personal and spiritual insight and support people in accessing their creative capacities, both in art and in life. See more at www.artandsoulwork.com

Eva Marie Chadwick is a dramatherapist, creative arts practitioner and actor.  She has worked creatively and therapeutically for 20 years with young people and adults within educational, training and healthcare environments.  She has a private dramatherapy practice in Stroud, and provides creative and therapeutic workshops and events. www.evamariachadwick.co.uk

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Judy Hammond (B.Ed, ANATD, MSTAT) has been teaching Alexander Technique and various forms of movement and dance for over 25 years. In the last 10 years she has been developing and refining her Moving Mindfully classes and workshops, where the aim is to introduce participants to a broad, balanced range of movement, including key elements of Pilates and t’ai chi/chi qong, always incorporating the concepts of Alexander-style good use of the body. Judy has been practising daily meditation and yoga for 35 years, and holds profound appreciation for all the great religions and spiritual traditions.