Creating a communal mandala at The Wisdom of Trees weekend, Hilfield Friary, July 2013

Creating a communal mandala at The Wisdom of Trees weekend, Hilfield Friary, July 2013


We offer retreats, workshops and gallery visits carefully designed to help us engage with our creative and spiritual selves. Through experimenting with dramatic expression, paint and clay, being playful together, storytelling, sharing silence and ritual we can find fresh insights in our search for meaning and capacity to wonder at life.

No experience of art making is necessary. Events are open to all fellow travelers – those of faith and those of no faith or religion. Take a look at the upcoming events we have to offer or contact us to request a handmade, bespoke workshop or retreat at a local venue.


Retreats can enable us to look higher, to gain fresh perspectives on our everyday lives and even see patterns or treasures that have been right in front of our noses all along.

We are all human beings and yet in the West all the stuff we surround ourselves with and all the striving some of us feel we have to do to succeed (and be loved) can make it more difficult to actually be. Being isn’t the same as existing. We sometimes need to be proactive to be. Going on a retreat can have the power to disarm ourselves from our everyday default position – all that fretting and trying too hard and hunting and gathering that can end up taking us far away from the person we truly are.

Be Here Create is about building safe, enriching spaces for people to just be and reconnect with themselves through gentle and challenging creative activities, fellowship and free time. Learning to be rather than staying on the endless conveyor belt of do, do, do… and then do some more…. we will more likely be in contact with all of our different ‘selves’ – the parched self, the joyful self, the regions of life that hurt, the compassionate self, the frightened self and the passionate self in all of us. Embarking on retreats are fertile pastures for striving forward into the fullness of living and reconnecting with ourselves, our clans and friends and this mysterious world we inhabit.


Relaxing outside Marsett Barn, Wensleydale on the "Grounded, Revitalised, Refreshed" retreat - July 2014

Relaxing outside Marsett Barn, Wensleydale on the “Grounded, Revitalised, Refreshed” retreat – July 2014

“Sue and John as a team are perfectly balanced. The sense of their connection draws others in. Content, presentation, instruction, support and guidance all excellent.”

“Excellent! Brilliant facilitators who made everything wonderful!”

“A lovely team – thank you Angela and John! You were very good at motivating the group and achieving a wonderful shared energy. I think we all felt very supported. A lot of humour and laughter which was all very healing.”

‘John had vision, inspiration. is good at holding the group and giving permission. He has very wide boundaries (like a rainbow!) – very enouraging. Can be serious or fun.’ Maggie – on ‘The Treasure of Light in the Wintertime’ retreat – Hillfield Friary, Dorset – 28-20 November 2014

Advent Spiral and clay work based on ‘Holding the Light’ from The Treasure of Light in the Wintertime retreat

Windows of Discovery in 2018
~ Unique Art Workshop Opportunities ~

Saturday June 9th 2018 from 10 a.m.— 4:30 p.m.*
Whistler Windows inspired creativity with sketching, Chinese Ink and watercolours

Saturday September 22nd 2018 from 10 a.m.— 4:30 p.m.*
Whistler Windows inspired creativity with sketching, scraperboard and clay

Cost £40 includes art materials, guided tour, tuition, tea and coffee. Only 10 places per day so book quickly!
Meet at St Nicholas Church Moreton DT2 8RH
To book, e-mail or phone 0844 884 4612

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Speaking of Light and Love – a creative retreat for those in spiritual leadership roles

29 June – 1 July 2018

Hazel HIll Wood

see poster, further information and booking form in upcoming events

View our upcoming events and find out more about our past events. If you would like to request a handmade or bespoke workshop or retreat, please contact us for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook.